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4th Solo Exhibition

“Through Music All Around”

January 2010

Piano, Piano, only Piano, acrylic on canvas, triptych, 72" x 156"

Music takes me into my inward passion and yearning to go beyond the tangible and the concrete and to be utterly free.

© Hee Hyoun Chung 2013

3rd solo exhibition

“Memory of Landscape”

January 2008

Mountains, arm in arm: Monch-Trugberg-Jungfrau-Ono-Eiger,

charcoal on paper, 66" x 210" 

2nd Solo Exhibition


March 2006

Ravello (Triptych), acrylic on canvas, 58" x 93"

1st Solo Exhibition

“Landscape Within”

January 2006

Valley Village #1 and #2, acrylic on canvas, 48" x 42"

6th Solo Exhibition

“Pairing up, Paring down”

October 2 – October 26, 2013

Rainbow of Purples in the Uncertainty of Time, acrylic on canvas, both 36" x 36"

Inspiration comes from the essence of poetry – the best words in the best order – and my love for words. Abstract painting and poetry use similar elements of composition – repetition, variation, space, and tones – to express an emotion and idea. Metaphors and allusions conveyed through a poem’s reductive use of words are all the more moving. My hope is to create silent poems on the canvases.

The titles are taken from poems of E. E. Cummings, Ted Hughes, and Pablo Neruda.

5th Solo Exhibition

“Primeval Deserts”

January 2012

Moon Perpetuating Desert Mountains, acrylic on canvas 79" x 142"

The desolate, yet majestic beauty of the untouched deserts exhibition These paintings are the work of the distant memories of the deserts-Death Valley of California, Sahara of Egypt, Wadi Rum of Jordan I have travelled through for the last 10 years. The memories are not about the geographic features but about my feelings and imaginations at the sight of the deserts.